This is a hurriedly set up page to allow people to order my books online, for more information on the books please visit this page

Order I will Grow Strawberries for £7.00 if paying by bank transfer or cash, £7.45 if paying by paypal, P&P £1.45. Free delivery by bike in Burntisland and Cupar!

You can also email me at: mushroomwood.wild@gmail.com


Pay By Paypal (slightly more expensive)

£7.45 for 1 copy, some discount for multiple copies
£1.45 p&p for 1-2 books
£2.00 p&p for 3-5 books



Pay by Bank Transfer (slightly cheaper)

£7.00 per book
£1.45 p&p for 1-2 books
£2.00 p&p for 3-5 book

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For international orders, or for alternative payment methods please email me: mushroomwood.wild@gmail.com